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Business Owner Financial Planning

Asserting control to create The Ideal Financial Future™.

Mosaic Wealth Consulting is your resource for business owner financial planning, employee benefit programs, corporate and succession planning, estate planning and tax reduction strategies.

Our understanding of the common challenges business owners face puts us in an ideal position to develop strategies that will help lead to The Ideal Financial Future™.

It is our attention to the unique circumstances and financial position and objectives of each client that sets us apart. Our comprehensive financial planning process is designed to establish client priorities and implement strategies to help meet their goals.

Wills and Trusts

  • Probate reduction
  • Estate conservation
  • Family trusts, spousal trusts, alter ego trusts

Tax reduction strategies

  • Corporate asset transfers
  • Retirement compensation arrangements
  • Individual pension plans
  • Corporate restructuring

Insurance/Risk Management

  • Segregated funds
  • Employee benefits
  • Disability income insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Corporate ownership
  • Private health services plans

As a business owner, we also realize that you touch a considerable cash
flow and we always ask two key questions:

  • Does enough transfer to your personal balance sheet?
  • How is your NET?

The NET Checklist™

  • Are you transferring cash from the business to fortify your estate or personal balance sheet?
  • Are all income sources being managed to qualify you for the lowest tax bracket possible?
  • Is there unnecessary tax drain?
  • Is the employee benefits package supplementing your needs as the owner?
  • Is the balance between cash reserves and credit line efficient and cost effective?
  • Is the life insurance portfolio appropriate for your personal needs? Is term insurance being used
  • where the need terminates at some point?
    • Are the permanent policies structured to provide an acceptable cash on cash, internal rate of return where you someday expect to use the cash value?
    • Are the permanent polices crafted to create the maximum death benefit per premium dollar where the objective is liquidity after life?
  • Is your retirement plan providing the maximum tax deduction and maximum accumulation for you, the owner?



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